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How much tax should you pay ? Get latest tax details of Nepal Government | Nepal ko Tax details

How to apply for dollar card in Nepal

To apply for a dollar card in Nepal, you can follow these general steps: Choose a bank: Find a bank in Nepal that offers a dollar card. Some popula…

Universities Phone numbers for emergency contact

Kathmandu University Dhulikhel 📞011 415100 Nepal Open University Lalitpur 📞01 5008047 Agriculture and Forestry University Chitwan 📞056 591655 Lumb…

Blood bank phone numbers for emergency Contact

Teaching Hospital Kathmandu 📞01 4412303 Nobel Hospital Sinamangal 📞01 4110842 Gangalal Hospital Kathmandu 📞01 4371374 Blood Bank Bhaktapur 1 Bhakt…

Phone numbers of Police departments for Emergency Contact

Police Kathmandu 📞100 Missing Child Nepal 📞104 Nepal Tourist Police Kathmandu 📞1144 Nepal Police Kathmandu 📞01 4411776 Emergency Nepal Police Kat…

Hospital Phone numbers for emergency Contact

Bir Hospital Kathmandu 📞01 4223807 Bir Hospital 2 Kathmandu 📞01 4221988 Blood Bank Kathmandu 📞01 4225344 Advance Medi Care Hospital Birgunj 📞051-…

Phone Numbers of Airlines: Important Phone Numbers In Nepal

Nepal Air Kathmandu 📞01 4220757 Buddha Air Nepal 📞01 5521015 Heli Everest Helicopter Service 📞01 4112299 Makalu Air Nepal 📞01 4485536 Air Dynesty…

Ambulance phone numbers: Important Phone Numbers In Nepal

Bir Hospital Kathmandu 📞9841182727 Bishal Bazar Ambulance Service Kathmandu 📞01 4244121   Bishal Bazar Ambulance Sewa Bishal Bazar 📞01 4244121   N…

Four Truths Of Life

Life is full of ups and downs, and sometimes it can be challenging to navigate through all the uncertainties. However, there are some fundame…

Tricks to remember all provinces and their districts of Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country with diverse landscapes, rich culture, and friendly people. It is divided into seven provinces, each with its own distin…
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