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Economic Diplomacy

Economic Diplomacy is a strategic approach through which countries use their economic resources and capabilities to achieve foreign policy objectives

Are you looking to understand the concept of economic diplomacy and its relevance for today’s world? 
This article provides a comprehensive definition, as well as an explanation of how it is being used across countries. Economic diplomacy can be defined as foreign policy that focuses on strategies that utilize international commercial institutions such as multinational corporations, trading blocs, banks or tax systems in order to create beneficial outcomes between states through global trade agreements and other collaborations regarding regulatory policies. In this way, governments have the opportunity to use diplomatic tools like bilateral negotiations or multilateral organizations with members from multiple nations all working towards shared goals related specifically to economics and finance - not necessarily political issues which are traditionally handled by diplomats at embassies abroad. 

The goal behind utilizing economic diplomacy is usually centered around promoting mutual understanding while also creating mutually beneficial opportunities between two countries when they collaborate economically – ultimately leading them both toward greater prosperity since more goods & services would become available domestically due their partnership (or alliance).
Economic Diplomacy is a strategic approach through which countries use their economic resources and capabilities to achieve foreign policy objectives. It requires the effective integration of political, diplomatic, financial, legal and commercial activities in order to safeguard national interests while developing relationships with other nations. Nepal has been using its own form of economic diplomacy for many years now as part of its efforts towards securing sustainable development goals along with peace and stability on all fronts - domestic as well international levels. 

Nepal's history reveals that it has long sought alliances among different states since ancient times such a chartered relationship between India & Nepal stretching back centuries ago; much like today’s agreements we see internationally where two or more nation-states collaborate together regarding various concerns ranging from trade deals forming free trade areas (FTAs) combined investment opportunities also known as FDI facilitation offered by respective governments aimed at boosting mutual productivity growth over time ultimately leading them both into prosperity post agreement ratification phase successively achieved during negotiation meetings held diplomatically worldwide via physical visits made personally or even remotely!
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