Course Details: LL.M(Master of Laws)– 2 Years

LL.M(Master of Laws)– 2 Years is a regular programme of Tribhuvan University.
Course Details: LL.M(Master of Laws)– 2 Years

This programme started in 1997 AD in Nepal Law Campus.


The person who has Bachelor’s Degree in law is qualified to get admission in this programme through passing entrance exam.

Offering Campuses

Currently, this programme is offered in two campuses in the Kathmandu Valley-Nepal Law Campus and the National Law College. LL.M programme in the National Law College started since 2012 AD.


There are 14 reserve seats in programme, these are:
  1. Women-3,
  2. Indigenous nationalities-3,
  3. Madhesi-2,
  4. Dalit-1,
  5. People with disabilities-1,
  6. Foreign students-3, and
  7. People from backward areas-1.

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