Smallest mobile in the world : smaller than thumb

Today I will Discuss about the world's smallest mobile, which is smaller than your thumb, is slightly larger than 10 rs coin and is equal to a battery cell. This will work on your secondary mobile. You can put it anywhere.
Smallest mobile in the world : smaller than thumb

This mobile is named Zanco Tiny T11 with black and red color .

LET'S Talk about its feature, so there is more language options with Hindi Urdu English, and you can call in more than 10 types of voice through the voice changer feature,

It has Bluetooth, 2G connectivity, Micro USB, singal nano sim stand, alphanumeric keyboard, Chipset Mediatek MTK6261D, but 3G/4G connectivity is not available in it.
Its battery is 200mAh.

Talking about its size, its OLD screen display is 0.49-inch (32x64 pixels) or 12.5mm, and length width and thickness is 46.7x21x12mm.
And its weight is 13 grams.
In this you can save 300 contact save and can view 50 final call logs and keep 50 massege.

Although it will be available in the market till the mobile can be easily purchased, its online booking has been started . For Now You can purchase it from online stores..

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